Floor Spring with No-digging Concealed and Easy of Installation V880

  • Model: V880
  • Minimum: 500
  • Payment: L/C, T/T, D/P, etc.
  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand: KEYI

PRODUCT Description

Hot Product Features

1. Closing speed and latching speed adjustable,latching point accurately at 0&deg.

2. Double ways opening with smoothly movement and noiseless,105°stop-device.

3. Over 500,000cycles tested without any damage.

4. Because of special design, the bearing of the spring hinge had control.

5. The floor spring lighten the strength when opening and closing the door.

6. Applicable for glass doors,wooden doors,steel doors and the glass doors of metal frame and wooden frame.

7. Floor springs are widely used in office buildings, hotels and other comprehensive large buildings, as well as shops, banks and other public places.

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1. We have a professional work team.

2. High-quality hardware accessories doors and windows.

3. Advanced production equipment.

4. Pass CE certificate,SGS certificate.

5. 100% product inspection.

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Changeable Head

Different head can be used for Asia, Europe, Middle-East makrets, etc. Satisfied with different demands.

Floor Spring with No-digging Concealed and Easy of Installation V880

Adjustable Positions

The main body can be moved in 5mm left and right, up and down by loosing and tighting the screws.

Floor Spring with No-digging Concealed and Easy of Installation V880

Speed Control

The door's closing speed can be controlled with these screw holes

Product Name Floor spring
Model v-880B
Cover Material Stainless Steel
Max door weight 100KG
Max Open Angle 140Degree
Color Silveror can be customized
Sample Available
Application Hotels,office,home,apartment,etc.




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